Being graduated as MBA Sustainability Management student at SUMAS was an excellent opportunity to develop myself and build a career path as a sustainability researcher, social entrepreneur, and as a potential Corporate Sustainability Assessment and Reporting manager.

Upon this potential I am currently engaged as a Sustainability Research Intern with Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD), Bangalore, India.

CSD is a non-profit organization with mission to promote sustainable development by identifying critical issues in the context of the present and the future and addressing them in a manner which will achieve sustainable outcomes.

My job description at CSD entails conducting research that will cover a broad range of sustainable development issues for the proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) project for international development which is to replace the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the end of 2015.

With regular MBA class discussions, case studies, individual presentations, company visits, and debate sessions while in SUMAS I am currently developing a social business that will promote social inclusion by helping people in the bottom of the economic pyramid.

SUMAS is a place where sustainability is integrated with systems thinking and innovation to improve the bottom-line of every business through approaches that enhance operational efficiency, and promote the image of the organization as a responsible corporate citizen while caring for environmental and social needs.

Being located in Switzerland – a hub headquarters of many international organizations in the field sustainability, SUMAS has offered me the opportunity to develop sustainable and innovative projects in collaboration with some of this organizations.

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