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The IUCN Conservation Center

SUMAS is a Business School located in Gland, inside the headquarters of IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature). Like many aspects of Switzerland, SUMAS and its campus are entirely international and diverse, making the study experience here exciting and innovative. Classrooms are always heated with discussions nurtured with opinions and views from students fromall around the globe, which only contributes to the innovative environment provided in campus also by hosting organizations such as the Ramsar Convention (which is an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands) and the MAVA Foundation.

The entire building, and its people working and studying in it makes it clear why this was the chosen location for SUMAS. Innovation is the key word here, and that is exactly what our teachers will be pushing us to – a new way of thinking.


Geneva's Jet D'eau

Around 1 year and 2 months ago I was entering Switzerland with no prior knowledge of its culture, geography or languages. As a Brazilian born in São Paulo, I had limited knowledge of this 41,293.2 km2 and about what was expecting me here.

Arriving in Geneva, Switzerland’s second big city, was a very scenery and different experience. At one side of the airplane’ window I could see the Alps while flying over Lake Geneva, for someone who was used to arrive home landing over a city with almost 20,000,000 people living in it, it was a very nice change. It doesn’t take too long to understand why Geneva has its international reputation. A great deal of international organizations have their headquarters there, these include the European headquarters of UN, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Labor Organization (ILO), the UN High Commission for Refugees and CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Although Geneva may seem as a very corporate city, it offers a lot of entertainment, events such as the Geneva Motor show, Electron Festival, Fete de la Musique, Geneva’s Musical Marathon and the Lake Sailing Regatta are some that happen yearly. Besides, Geneva’s true beauty can be found in its street markets, typical neighborhoods and its Jet D’eau.

Take the train from SUMAS, to the opposite direction of Geneva and you will arrive in Lausanne, the Capital of canton Vaud. The fourth largest city in Switzerland, Lausanne is also known by being an Olympic Capital for hosting the Olympic Museum. Lausanne’s undeniable beauty can be seen through the entire city, from its towering arches of the Grand Pont that states the beginning of the lively Flon quarter, to Lausanne’s Old Town Cathedral. Lausanne is a city that offers everything for every taste. A very University city, that in combination with its energy makes up to have one of the most energetic nightlives of Switzerland with clubs such as “MAD”, one of Switzerland most famous clubs, and a big range of bars and pubs for choice. With sandy and spacious beaches, the Vidy district country in central Europe, except from the Matterhorn and its ski resorts, I knew little can offer you a very relaxed afternoon by making picnics/bbqs, playing sand sports or running the 4km sports track that starts at the International Olympic Committee Headquarters.


View of the lake from Montreux

The World Happiness Report pointed out Switzerland as having one of the happiest populations in the world. So, what would be the Swiss secret ingredient? It is true that Switzerland is a country with high standards of living, remarkable public transportations and great food also thanks to Italian,German and French influence (foreigners represent around 24% of the total population), and it is avery religious diverse country. Those figures certainly explain why Swiss people are so open mindedand prompt to help you. Whatever your reason is to love Switzerland, the chocolate, the fondue, the education, the watches, the Swiss precision, (I particularly can’t get enough of having the lake and the Alps as my backyard!), there is no denying that “C’est trés bon”!

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