If you are considering studying abroad or are simply considering studying in Switzerland, here are five reasons why choosing to study in Switzerland may just be one of the best ideas yet.

1. High Quality Education
When considering where to study, of course, one of the most important factors is the quality of the education. Switzerland is renowned for its impeccable standard when it comes to higher education. Home to some of the world’s top universities and institutions for specialised study, Switzerland is a true showcase for innovative and unique education. For example, SUMAS is a one-of-a-kind business school located between Geneva and Lausanne which offers innovative business programs integrated with state of the art sustainability knowledge. Sumas was also the first business school in the world to launch the BBA and MBA in Sustainability Management.

2. Pristine Natural Surroundings and Opportunity for Adventure 

The Matterhorn (the tallest mountain in the Alps), the Rhine and Staubbach Falls, the Aletsch Glacier, the lakes, grottos and gorges… the list goes on. Switzerland is truly blessed with a magnificent set of natural wonders — many of which are very accessible. Whether you just want to take in the beauty or get a little more adventurous, there are so many opportunities available. According to Educations.com, “many international students report that one of their favorite pastimes while living and studying abroad in Switzerland has been participating in one of the numerous adventure sports. Even if you live in a metropolitan city, the opportunity to go hiking, skiing, or biking is never far away.”

3. Excellent Standard of Living

Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world with an incredibly low violent crime rate. Petty crime such as theft is also uncommon which means, whilst discretion and vigilance is still advised, students studying in Switzerland can have greater peace of mind — especially whilst exploring the many attractions the country has to offer. Switzerland also has a reliable and meticulously efficient transport system which will be useful, not only on daily trips to university, but also when looking to explore other parts of Switzerland and Europe. This standard of efficiency also does not stop at the transport system. It is evident in any administrative processes that one may need to partake in when living and studying in the country.

4. Access to Europe 

With efficient administration and a smooth sailing transport system, Switzerland provides the perfect starting block to explore the rest of Europe during your studies. Switzerland borders five other European countries, namely Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Liechtenstein. Switzerland is also well connected to all of its neighbouring countries, making travelling to each of them a potential for your perfect weekend getaway.

5. Increased Career Opportunities and Earning Potential

Due to the high standard of education, having studied in Switzerland will certainly look good on your resume when seeking employment. Switzerland also has one of the highest average salaries in Europe and some large companies have offices in many parts of the country. Gaining access to these companies can provide you with a springboard to gain opportunities for employment. If you are a non-EU student but are still the best person for the job, the company will be able to assist with your application for a visa to stay in the country.

Considering studying in Switzerland? SUMAS is the first Business School and private academic institution in Switzerland to achieve a QS Stars Rating and was ranked as one of the 23 Best MBA Programs in Sustainability Online for 2018.

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