Enhanced remote learning

SUMAS Online Campus accommodates your diverse needs for time, location and convenience, to help you achieve success on your graduate program.

Our state-of-the-art e-learning platform gives you access to weekly course content at any time and anywhere. Networking is possible through the chat option on our platform and you are able to regularly share ideas, thoughts and experiences with your fellow online classmates and professors.

Increased flexibility with recorded lectures; stay organized with weekly classes and continuous student assessment.

All study material provided on our dedicated online platform.

Download any SUMAS material needed for the course to work offline.

Five terms per year, with four intakes: July, October, January and April

Diverse study techniques to optimize online learning.

Engage with professors and classmates through webinars; access remotely on-campus events.

Complete your 18-month online degree in up to 3 years without any extra cost or academic penalty.

Be awarded the same degree as if you were studying on-campus.

The delivery of the SUMAS program was seamless and with the different approaches used such as forums, it meant that you definitely didn't feel like you were working alone on an online course. Instead, you struck up connections with your peers and the diversity of the students on the program provided different opinions, insights and expertise.

Óonagh McArdleIreland, Graduate Class of 2017

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Go hybrid for a dual online and on-campus experience

All our graduate programs offer a flexibility to mix and match campuses and course delivery format.
With our hybrid option, you can build your own unique online and on-campus experience, choosing which courses to take on which campus. Like our 100% online programs, you may complete your 18-month hybrid degree in up to 3 years without any extra cost or academic penalty.

I chose a hybrid program at SUMAS, attending classes 2 days a week on the campus in Gland, Switzerland, as well as an additional course online. The hybrid delivery combines the best of both study methods! In both formats, the group size was small enough to allow really productive collaboration.

Danielle BoistonFrance, Graduate Class of 2021