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3 in 5

alumni hold senior positions, including roles such as

directors, leaders
or managers

Examples of companies and organizations where our alumni work

  • ASR Group
  • Athletic Greens
  • Audemars Piguet
  • Bayer 
  • Beckman Coulter
  • Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)
  • ClimPact
  • Confinis
  • Dell Technologies
  • denkstatt Romania
  • Dow
  • Droople
  • Eaton
  • EnviroPorts
  • ERM: Environmental 
  • Resources Management
  • FINA
  • Globalance Bank Ltd
  • Green Carpet 21
  • Groupe Renault
  • GS1
  • Hermès Maroquinerie Sellerie
  • I&P
  • ICE
  • Impaakt
  • International Fund for Agriculture
  • International SAMBO Federation (FIAS)
  • IUCN
  • JLL
  • Kempinski Hotel Bahia
  • Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
  • Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts
  • Nestlé
  • NH Hotel Group
  • Omega Pharma
  • Oracle
  • Orbisfy
  • PepsiCo
  • Piaget
  • Pictet Asset Management
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Quantis
  • Sinay
  • Tetra Tech
  • Textile Exchange
  • The Delphi Group
  • UBS AG
  • UEFA
  • UniCredit
  • UnLimited Spain
  • Veris Strategies
  • W4Y adviseurs bv
  • World Economic Forum
  • Zeus Capital Management

Our graduates act in a diverse, global arena

Gender and ethnic diversity should be celebrated. It has been widely proven that diverse teams are more effective than monolithic work patterns.

SUMAS is proud that its alumni community represents a diverse international network of responsible leaders, who thrive in multicultural environments and recognize the value of intercultural exchange to drive sustainability success.

60:40 female to male graduate ratio

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Meet our Alumni

Sustainability Management

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Léa Iacazzi, France

MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2023
Carbon Compensation Portfolio consultant, EcoAct France

I chose SUMAS because it’s very practical. I had the chance to work on different projects. At the Milan campus, I worked with Migros, which is a major supermarket chain in Switzerland, MUDEC, which is a famous museum in Milan and with the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development).

Deborah Salanitro, Switzerland

MAM in Sustainability Management, Class of 2023
Business Development Intern, EcoAct France

During my studies, I had many projects with different firms from various industries, such as Dusit Thani, for whom I completed my master’s final project. The entire project aimed to develop a strategy to reduce food waste within the resort in the Maldives.

Adrian Ehrenberg, Germany

MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2023
HR Social Sustainability Manager, MTU Aero Engines

At SUMAS we have many industry projects, which provide us with a realistic understanding of how things work in the real world.

Süreyya Gamze Cizreli, Turkey

MAM in Sustainable Hospitality Management, Class of 2023

What I learned from SUMAS about sustainability and sustainable hospitality is that it’s a remarkably broad subject, even within the hospitality industry.

Costanza Rossini, Italy

MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2022
Sustainability Analyst Intern, Roveda 1955

Sumas delivers a 360 immersion in sustainability. It provides the right combination of theoretical and practical knowledge and prepares you to face many different situations. Sumas gave me the chance to work with amazing professors and colleagues while glancing at great companies.

Gisele Selim, Netherlands

Online MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2021
Partner Risk Advisory, Deloitte

The main reason to choose the Sumas Sustainability Management MBA was based on the fact that the SUMAS MBA is multidisciplinary, targeting a wide-range of pivotal subjects, from finance, international finance, accounting to real hard-core sustainability issues.

Ivan Maura Canut, Spain

MBA in Sustainable Hospitality Management, Class of 2021
Project Manager, UnLimited Spain

It was really important to me to choose a business school where I could learn with people who were really interested in making a positive impact.

Danielle Boiston, Switzerland

CAS in Sustainable Hospitality Management,
Class of 2021 Event Logistics Lead, World Economic Forum

I didn’t want just theory; I was drawn by the opportunities at SUMAS to learn from real case studies and work on actual projects to design practical solutions for the travel and tourism industry.

Mark Fisher, United Kingdom

Online MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2021
Senior Sustainable Supply Chain Executive, BAE Systems

The knowledge and skills I acquired at SUMAS have already proven instrumental in my career progression. Leveraging my existing supply chain background, I successfully transitioned into an ESG role, where I can effectively integrate sustainability practices into organizational strategies.

Gopinath Thangavelu, China

Online MBA in Sustainable Fashion Management, Class of 2021
Fabric Sourcing and Operations Manager, H.Wear Textiles Ltd

My degree is really helping me to encourage supply chain partners, my colleagues and our leadership team on how to do collaborative, ethical and sustainable business.

Arunima Sen Pathak, India

Online MBA in Sustainable Hospitality Management, Class of 2020
Director, NIPS Hospitality Group

The program at SUMAS helped me gain in-depth knowledge about the intrinsic meaning and significance of sustainable development, sustainable business practices and the UN’s 17 SDGs.

Ashok Kumar, United Kingdom

DBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2020
Strategic Technical Development, Tata Steel in UK

My research seeks to broaden the search for possible transition pathways for decarbonisation of steel production – through juxtaposing the priorities of climate change, the themes in clean energy transition; and insights from steel-making processes.

Moritz Blumhagen, Germany

MBA in Sustainable Hospitality Management, Class of 2020
Project Manager Sustainability, Oracle

I found out that SUMAS is actually the perfect school to build up my career with an MBA in sustainable hospitality.

Riccardo Ciserani, Italy

MBA in Finance and Responsible Investment, Class of 2020
IRM Senior Consultant, KPMG Italy

Nowadays you cannot talk about business without talking about sustainability. I have learned a lot from every course, for example how to link business with sustainability and how to work in a group.

Paola Vinci, Italy

MAM in Sustainable Fashion Management, Class of 2020 Co-Founder & Editor in Chief, The Sustainable Mag

At SUMAS I have learnt the skills needed to attain successful teamwork, thanks to the many projects we are involved in. It enabled the creation of a strong network and bond with the students.

Elodie Pellet, Switzerland

BBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2019

Sustainability and Business Development, Geometrical Inc.

I chose SUMAS because having sustainability integrated into my business courses was crucial for me; it was a key value I wanted to bring into my professional life.

Jennifer Girod, Switzerland

MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2019
Responsible Beauty Marketing Specialist, Procter & Gamble

The MBA has been a key enabler for me to develop skills in both management and sustainability. Sustainability is the future of business and will
be a key driver of success for companies in the next decades.

Simone Vellucci, Italy

MAM in Sustainability Management, Class of 2018
Founding Partner, Second Opportunity

My experience in SUMAS has allowed for me to explore sustainable development from a holistic perspective. Thanks to the program I have improved my skills in the field of sustainability. 

Maxime Firmenich, Switzerland

MAM in Sustainability Management, Class of 2018 Customer Success Manager & Investor, Droople

What I loved at SUMAS was the pragmatic approach. The school really builds its pedagogy on concrete cases which helped me stay in touch with the real world.

Rossella Meo, Italy

MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2018
Director of Operations, AWorld

I chose SUMAS because I wanted to specialize myself in the sustainability area. It was a good opportunity to improve my knowledge about sustainability and I loved the multicultural atmosphere.

Sophia Holst, Germany

MAM in Sustainable Luxury Management, Class of 2018

SUMAS program has offered me the perfect combination between sustainability and luxury management which allowed me to start creating my career. 

Mario Caldarelli, Switzerland

BBA in Sustainability Management Class of 2018

This is a success for me personally that I have improved a lot along the way, for the school because we will bring the name SUMAS everywhere we will go to present the project and for all the other participants in the project because being a project based on sustainability will benefit all participants positively.

Guglielmo Dakir Dahlapa, Italy

BBA in Sustainability Management,Class of 2018
Business Development Executive, Garmas Italy

I have to thank SUMAS for giving me the opportunity to learn theories about sustainability, but more important to put into practice those theories within real cases and real projects with big companies.

Elisaveta Kischilov, Germany

BBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2018
Communications Assistant, Geneva School of Diplomacy

I hope that my work – aided by the educational background I am grateful to have enjoyed at SUMAS – will inspire many for change into a sustainable way of life.

Beatrice Perris Magnetto, Switzerland

BBA in Sustainable Tourism Management, Class of 2018
Managing Director, Fondazione Magnetto

Each and everyone of the projects completed at SUMAS helped me develop both personal and professional skills that I otherwise wouldn’t have today.

Koen de Wijs, Netherlands

MBA in Finance and Responsible Investment, Class of 2017
Senior Consultant Sustainability, CBRE Nederland

With the help of my MBA in Finance & Responsible investment, I’m now able to apply my knowledge as a cost engineer with the use of value management. Thanks to the high variety of courses based on sustainability at SUMAS I’ve been given the opportunity to become an ISO quality manager of my company. SUMAS is the engine of knowledge in Sustainability Management.

Chang Chin Hsieh, Taiwan

MAM in Sustainable Tourism and Protected Areas, Class of 2017
Frontend Engineer, Lion Technology Co., Ltd 

The program has inspired me to inspect the industry from different perspectives, allowing me to think outside of the box while encountering issues in the realm of sustainable tourism. 

Óonagh McArdle, Ireland

Online MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2017
Global Sustainability Implementation Leader, Dow

This course provided me with the ability to articulate to leadership teams the importance of how crucial it is to transition to a more sustainable way of doing business.

Julia Koroleva, Russia

MAM in Sustainability Management, Class of 2017
Content Manager of IBCP and Professor, SUMAS

SUMAS program is ideal for my purposes – very complex and practical, with a deep systematic approach – from fundamental theory to practical cases for understanding the practice and perspectives of sustainable development. 

Angela Maria Fonseca, Panama

Online MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2016
Co-Chief Executive Officer, FactorTek

SUMAS MBA’s curriculum is a pioneer in the integration of environmental and social impacts in the mainstream of every business.  Congratulations for a well deserved recognition as one of the best MBA Programs in Sustainability Online.

Ergit Bedalli, Switzerland

MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2016
Sustainability Executive Market Activation, Philip Morris International

SUMAS has allowed for me to grow my passion for sustainability and allowed for me to focus on building a successful career in implementing integrated sustainable strategies for NGO’s and the business sector.

Leo Kyle, Canada

MBA in Finance and Responsible Investment, Class of 2016
Value Integration Manager, Shell

Business leaders across the world are reconsidering the relationship between business, society, and the environment.  SUMAS has provided me with the with both a fundamental knowledge of sustainability and the opportunity to explore sustainability topics in-depth.  I am now better equipped to add value to all business stakeholders.

Francini van Staden, South Africa

Online MBA in Sustainability Management Class of 2015, Sustainability Integration & Reporting, Western Cape Provincial Department Environmental Affairs & Development Planning

The MBA in Sustainability Management has the crucial edge of embedding sustainability throughout business theory and practice – at management, operational and systemic levels. It inspired a future-orientated vision that can still be applied in practice, today. It has taught me that sustainability is only the beginning of the future we all want – as we have expanding our understanding of the concept of sustainability, so are we encouraged to grow and instill future visions.

Giuditta Andreaus, Switzerland

MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2015
Manager, Private Philanthropy, IUCN

I had the chance to complete my MBA  in sustainability management while working full time at IUCN. Thanks to SUMAS, I  now have the tools to elevate my work at IUCN in weaving meaningful partnerships with the  private sector  in the fields of sustainability and positive environmental performance.

Kingson Elendu, Nigeria

MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2015
Sustainability Manager (Nigeria & Pan-Africa), Dangote Cement Plc

SUMAS is a place where sustainability is integrated with systems thinking and innovation to improve the bottom-line of every business through approaches that enhance operational efficiency and promote the image of the organization as a responsible corporate citizen while caring for environmental and social need.

Claudine De Wever, Belgium

MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2014
Environmental Lawyer, Departement Omgeving

The MBA in Sustainability Management has taught me what ‘sustainable’ really stands for. It has not only taught me a different approach in which business and sustainability can go hand in hand towards a sustainable future, but it has also taught me a new way of life.

Valentina Filia, Italy

MBA in Sustainability Management Class of 2014                                      
Project Manager Program Management Office, Ansaldo Energia

SUMAS MBA program represented for me an important boost to connect myself with the business world and to start creating my career.