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Interview with Giri Prasath

MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2020

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Giri Prasath, India

MBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2020

Commercial Manager, EnviroPorts

What do you like most about your job?

I am very happy to be working in a start-up as it is a very dynamic environment and you are exposed to all aspects of the organisation. That is exactly what I experienced in my daily tasks and activities. You just don’t do what your role and responsabilities are, you go more than that. Being a fresh graduate, having exposure to all thise elements at the start of your career is crucial.

Was there a SUMAS course that particularly influenced your future career?

Sustainable Innovation is one course that did have an impact (or influence) in choosing my current job. Having learnt about circular economy and waste disposal solutions in various sectors, it was easy for me to take the same knowledge and apply it in my work, as we deal with maritime waste disposal.