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SUMAS CrS® Partner SINCE 2016

Sheena Thandy
IBCP Coordinator

“The CP is an ambitious and innovative programme which provides a different pathway for students by incorporating academic rigor, career studies and soft skills. The course plays to the students’ academic strengths because there is a flexibility in the DP subjects which can be chosen, allowing students to choose those at which they excel.

An integral part of the programme is enabling students to engage in career-related learning. All of the Career-related Studies® at Collège du Léman use SUMAS as the external provider and all fall under the umbrella of “Business & Sustainability”, a mindset which should be central to any future career.

The soft skills focus provides the students with the skills which are important to work, study and how best to live their lives.

To prepare students to succeed in a rapidly changing world, schools must not only equip them with the necessary skills and learning opportunities but also the ability to manage and
influence change.”

Lisa McSweeney
Former IBCP Coordinator 

It has been a privilege to teach the SUMAS CP Business and Sustainability course over the last two years at Prem. As a Business Teacher I have enjoyed exploring the innovative nature of this course with my students. The practical application is what sets it apart, giving our students real-life business experience in the Shangri-la Hotel was an unforgettable experience. Essential skills, required for the workplace, are developed and honed for each student through a balanced range of activities and assessments. I found SUMAS staff to be highly professional and responsive.

Wilma Shen
IBCP Coordinator

SUMAS CrS programme is that the course offers so much more than just the business management, emphasising the forward way of thinking, operating and governing the business, the ultimate business model that every organisation, company and business entities should follow and adopt. The course challenges students to think about the notion of sustainability and the achievement of a balance between economic progress, ecological equilibrium, and social equity. Another strength of the programme is the flexibility and adaptability offered by SUMAS whereby students feel supported, listened to and challenged to bring out the best of their potential and capability.

Béatrice Gillet
IBCP Coordinator

SUMAS is an ideal CrS for CP students who wish to be well rounded and on track with sustainable management, that is going to impact all future careers.

Jason Reagin
IBCP Coordinator

The SUMAS CrS courses that students at Chadwick International have undertaken are well designed and delivered.  Additionally, the students have reported back to me how much they feel challenged and have enjoyed the courses thus far.  As a CP Coordinator, I have felt very connected to the staff at SUMAS through frequent communication and dialogue.  The mix of synchronous and asynchronous lessons has been very useful for the students.  Overall, the students and I have felt very supported by the SUMAS staff and instructors.  We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with SUMAS for many years to come!

Mary Catherine (Katie) Williams 
IBCP Coordinator

Fairgreen International School is fortunate to be partnered with SUMAS CrS. SUMAS staff are knowledgeable, professional, accommodating and friendly. Fairgreen students and teachers enjoy working with the SUMAS team, they have helped to elevate the quality and marketability of our CP program.

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