With the knowledge of sustainability, the opportunities are endless. Our students gain the upper hand in the industry as more organizations turn towards hiring candidates who have acquired the understanding of sustainability to align with their direction.
Take up game-changing roles where your experience in sustainability matters.
A wide range of opportunities awaits our students.
  • Chief Sustainability Officer P&G
  • Director of Global Sustainability Communications, Amcor
  • Sustainable Procurement Manager, FIFA
  • Environmental Lawyer, Kirkland & Ellis
  • Finance Advisor for Responsible Investment, Credit Suisse
  • Sustainable Sourcing Manager Global Sustainability Manager, PWC
  • Sustainability Marketing Manager, C&A
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Administrator, C&A
  • Sustainable Sourcing Manager, Adidas
  • Sustainability Change Manager, Zurich Insurance
  • Coordinator, Private Sector Engagement, WWF
  • Sustainability Manager, H&M
  • Global Sustainability Manager, Corporate Communications, Henkel
  • Global Sustainability Manager, PWC
  • Sustainability Analyst, Deloitte
  • Intern, Environment A2airs, United Nations
Sustainability doesn’t mean just being ‘green’. Sustainability Management provides excellent career options, as it can be applied to any field, including

Sustainability offers a wide range of career opportunities with leading brands such as:

At SUMAS, we offer individualized support to students who wishes to explore the possibilities that await them after graduation.

Our career counseling includes helping you:

  1. Clarify your knowledge about your values, interests, personality or skills.
  2. Identify options and information about your career path.
  3. Develop your decision-making skills and styles and identify any barriers to your career decision-making process.

In addition, students have the opportunity to within their program attend company visits, guest lectures organized by SUMAS and specific career-related courses such as:

  • Personal Branding
  • Career Management

SUMAS students can also meet with our Career Advisor Joachim Fendt-Newlin on an appointment basis.

Joachim Fendt-Newlin