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Corporate Training
Sustainable Finance and Digital Innovation

A comprehensive insight into what sustainable finance really means and how digital innovation can power your sustainability journey

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Engage in socially responsible investment strategies to achieve a long-lasting positive impact for corporate performance; understand how leaders can improve business processes and investment choices with the integration of environmental, social and governance aspects in their decision making process; identify opportunities offered by technology for sustainability, eg. Blockchain, IoT, Analytics.


2 days (1, 2 or 4 sessions)

Gland – Milan – Online – Company On-site
English, Italian, German, French

Program Training Modules

Module 1: Financial management and sustainability

Module 2: ESG: Fundamentals, Assessment and Reporting

Module 3: Technology for Sustainability: Blockchain, Big Data, Analytics, IoT

Module 4: Green bonds, climate risks and impact investing

Module 5: Compliance with new European regulations

Who should attend?

Individuals from diverse professional backgrounds seeking a blend of perspectives and links between finance, innovation and sustainability; managers from all levels aiming to become changemakers in their work environment.

Learning outcomes

  • Explore the use of new financial technologies that enable the creation of long-term value for shareholders
  • Understand and apply ESG reporting to own business context
  • Learn ethical investment to create positive impact
  • Integrate innovative technologies into sustainable finance practices.

Why Train for Sustainability?

Boost Your Bottom Line

Our programs can help you optimize resource use, reduce waste, and improve energy efficiency, leading to significant cost savings.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Employees who understand the importance of sustainability are more engaged and motivated, leading to a happier and more productive workforce.

Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Our programs can help you develop a clear roadmap to achieve your sustainability goals and demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Training Program Locations

All corporate training programs in Sustainability Management can be delivered at one of our two campuses in Switzerland and Italy, online or in your company (program fees upon request).

Gland, Switzerland

Your training will be conducted at our Lake Geneva Campus, located across from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and IUCN Conservation Center in Gland. Attendees will have access to our fully equipped, modern SUMAS Learning Center or the conference rooms at the IUCN. Upon request, a green tour of the building can be offered to participants.

Location facilities: elevator, tea and coffee making facilities, free wifi, canteen, outdoor parking, public transport (train station – 15 minutes’ walk, local buses), communal spaces, public garden.

Swiss sustainability corporate training programs

Milan, Italy

Your training takes place at SUMAS’ brand-new Milan Campus, the site of the former Ansaldo Steelworks. Now the site of cultural and innovation hub, BASE Milano, the campus’ central location makes it both accessible and exciting for program participants. Our connections with MUDEC offer the opportunity for guided tours and more informal activities during your training.

Location facilities: underground parking, multiple bars and cafes at BASE Milano and in surrounding areas, free wifi, public transport (metro and buses), communal spaces.

Corporate Training Programs Milan

Online, Remote

Online training is delivered by live video conference with SUMAS instructors. It can be attended by an employee from any location.

In Company, Multi-location

SUMAS instructors come to your company to deliver the training. We work with you to ensure the correct spaces are organized to meet the requirements of a successful program delivery.

Tailored Training Programs for Every Need

While all our programs are meticulously tailored to each company's specific needs, here are a few examples to spark your imagination:


Sustainable Finance and Digital Innovation


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability Reporting and Eco-certifications


Sustainable Procurement and Managing a Sustainable Supply Chain


Sustainability Management: Foundational knowledge and application


Innovating in Marketing and Branding through Green Practices


Become a Leader for Sustainable Business and Innovation

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