SUMAS Experiential Camps

Explore sustainable practice in a new culture, learning from industry innovators and leaders in each destination

Each of our programs offer you the opportunity to participate in our experiential camps, held in destinations around the world. These camps offer you the opportunity to raise your awareness of sustainable living in different cultures, and will allow you to develop practical solutions to environmental and social challenges.

Previous Experiential Camps

Biodiversity and Clean Energy
Costa Rica

This course is designed to explore biodiversity and clean energy sites in Costa Rica.

92% of the installed capacity for production of energy is from clean sources: hydro, Eolic, geothermal, solar and biomass. In fact, Costa Rica is the only country in the world where you can find all these types of energy in a 10mile radius.

Gross National Happiness (GNH )

The course will introduce the concept of GNH, its 9 domains and 33 indicators and its application in Bhutan.

The course will discuss global GNH related initiatives in the world and we will use the GNH index to evaluate business practices.


The course is designed to explore the issues related to a new tourist destination that is experiencing exponential growth in a fragile environment and having a low-density population. The destination is unique in being isolated and having what might be loosely termed, large expanses of ‘wilderness environments’.

Sustainable Hospitality

Thailand is one of the most popular and most traveled destinations in Asia. Have you ever thought about traveling environmentally friendly in Thailand? There are a lot of possibilities to greener your next trip to Thailand. The country has over 300 national parks and 17% of the land are designated areas for environmental protection.