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Eco-tourism - Explore Iceland

Evaluate the best sustainable development for Iceland.

The course is designed to explore the issues related to a new tourist destination that is experiencing exponential growth in a fragile environment and having a low-density population. The destination is unique in being isolated and having what might be loosely termed, large expanses of ‘wilderness environments’.

The module will explore current strategies and models of tourism development and try to evaluate what would be the best sustainable development for Iceland.

  • Familiarize students with the alternative development paradigms that can be used to ensure a sustainable tourism environment.
  • Introduce debate on how to manage impact at tourist destinations in Iceland.
  • Provide practice in applying the sustainable policies as a measure to ensuring continued tourism development.
  • Provide a first-hand experience in an experiential camp

At the end of the camp you will be able to:

  • Understand the limitations of sustainable development as a tool of measurement in progress.
  • Increase awareness of costs and benefits in developing tourism at a wilderness destination.
  • Define the scope of sustainable tourism in Iceland.
  • Apply GSTC to evaluate business practices and initiatives.
  • Development of inter-group skills and adaption capabilities in an Experiential Camp.
May 3 10:00 - 12:00Lecture & Introduction to Iceland Guideline for Self-Reflective Report
May 21 10:00- 12:00Visit to The Great Geysir and Gullfoss (Golden Falls)
May 22 10:00-10:30Introduction
May 22 10:30-11:30Impact of Tourism on Iceland Trivial Pursuits Outline of the student projects
May 22 11:30-11:50Break
May 22 11:45-12:00Role of National Parks in Iceland
May 23Blue Lagoon – afternoon
May 23Blue Lagoon – afternoon
May 24Thingvellir National Park – morning
May 24Thingvellir National Park – afternoon
May 25Glacier Lagoon – morning
May 25Glacier Lagoon – afternoon
May 26 8:30-10:00Break
May 26 11:30-12:30Project Phase 1 Draft preparation of projects and initial presentations
June 12 10:00-13:00National Parks, Biodiversity and Tourism
June 14 10:00-13:00Climate change and its effects on National Parks and Tourism destinations
June 23 16:15 – 19:15Presentations of Self-reflective report

Photos From Camp

University of Iceland: Green Tourism and Travel in Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Geysers and Glaciers

Role of National Parks in Iceland


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