SUMAS CrS® Course Content

The SUMAS CrS® Business & Sustainability study plan is divided into two areas:

SUMAS CrS® Courses
240 guided learning hours of CrS® Courses in class (equivalent to one High Level subject within the IB program).

Applied Component

150 hours of applied learning (which is equivalent to Standard Level subjects within the IB Program). This component is made up of the Sustainability Leadership Experience / Camp and an Integrative Project Experience delivered by SUMAS (online or on-campus) or by the school.

CrS® Courses

Fundamentals of Sustainability

The Fundamentals of Sustainability course will provide students with a solid basic understanding of the main aspects of sustainability and prepare them for the advanced courses. The individual, company and societal perspectives are explored and issues concerning energy, climate and water are covered in more detail, to help students reach a deeper qualitative and quantitative understanding of the subject. Key knowledge areas including ethics, cultural history, population, environmental economics and policy lay the foundations for a broader understanding.

Sustainable Innovation

The Sustainable Innovation course will be an introduction to “new thinking” on innovation and sustainable industry. It will look at innovations with deep concern about the resources, the water, the energy, the human conditions, and the challenges in terms of economy. The course will be based on real cases in material/product innovation and will include the Cradle to Cradle ® principles and eco design.


The Leadership course is designed to raise awareness of the importance of new leadership styles to fit the challenges facing leaders today in times of fast changes and crises. Leaders must be skilled communicators and change promoters in the global arena. Conceptual analysis, roleplaying activities, business simulations and case studies will be practiced offering students both theoretical knowledge and best practices.

Applied Component

Sustainability Leadership Experience

Leadership theories will be analyzed and applied in real-world situations, role-playing activities and team building games. Students will develop competencies that are essential to becoming responsible managers.

AND an integrative Project Work in one of the pathways:

Integrative Project Experience – Nature Conservation

Nature Conservation will offer the opportunity to explore fundamental values for the preservation of biological diversity and includes guided visits to protected areas around the world.

Integrative Project Experience – Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion provides cutting edge knowledge about the core issues and challenges of sustainable fashion and integrates responsible leadership applied to the fashion sector.

Integrative Project Experience – Sustainable Hospitality

Sustainable Hospitality will help to develop leadership and intercultural skills by being engaged in field trips to leading hospitality companies under the careful guidance of experts. Upon request, SUMAS CrS® students  can work on sustainable culinary arts projects to embrace the philosophy from farm to table.

Integrative Project Experience – Sustainable Culinary Arts

Sustainable Culinary Art will help to recognize the benefits of responsible cooking, from food sourcing methods, cooking techniques, and waste management to intercultural food experiences.

Integrative Project Experience – Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism will help to understand concepts of sustainable tourism development,
parks and recreation management, and best practices for responsible visitors.

Integrative Project Experience – Sustainable Finance and Digitalization

Sustainable Finance and Digitalization will help to learn the crucial role of finance to address sustainable challenges and explore both the investment portfolio toward climate-friendly assets and the transition to a green economy.

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