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GNH (Gross National Happiness)

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  • Familiarize students with the alternative development paradigm to the Gross National Product.
  • Introduce Gross National Happiness as an alternative tool to measure progress.
  • Provide practice in applying the Gross National Happiness index as a screening tool for businesses and organizations.
  • Provide a first-hand experience in an experiential camp.

At the end of the camp you will be able to:

  • Understand the limitations of GNP as a tool of measurement of progress.
  • Increase awareness of costs and benefits that are not included in GNP
  • Define the scope of Gross National Happiness index.
  • Apply GNH to evaluate business practices and initiatives.
  • Development of inter-group skills and adaption capabilities in an Experiential Camp.
April 18 Lecture & Guideline for Self- Reflective Report
April 25 Lecture & Guideline for Self- Reflective Report
May 1 Briefing and information about the travel and the camp
May 2-9 Experiential Camp in Bhutan
May 2 afternoon Presentation by Travel Agent, May 2 evening
May 3 morning Member of National Council Parliament of Bhutan meeting
May 3 afternoon and evenin Lecture at the Royal Institute for Tourism about Bhutanese policies of sustainable tourism May 4 morning

Lecture of Dr. Saamdu about GNH and meditation

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