Sustainability Stories
Interview with Mireille Burri

Online MAM in Sustainable Tourism Management,
Class of 2022

In conversation with...

Mireille Burri, France

Online MAM in Sustainable Tourism Management,
Class of 2022

Incoming CSR Manager, Dusit Thani Maldives

Why did you choose SUMAS?

I wanted to study sustainable hospitality management, and SUMAS was the only university that provided such a master’s degree. I had looked up for other universities in Europe and Canada, but SUMAS’ programme was the one that I felt the most attracted to. The fact that I could study online was also a huge advantage!

How do you think your knowledge and skills developed on the program?

SUMAS has given me the tools to be more confident in my skills and knowledge when it comes to sustainability management. The program includes self-development courses that allowed me to really understand what my main strengths are, and which values drive me the most in this sector. I could also practice my managerial and consulting skills working in groups throughout my studies. The program allowed me to put into practice on interesting projects my newly acquired sustainable knowledge, and taught me the best ways to have a holistic view in business and how to find win-win solutions.

How do you feel your degree has supported your career?

Thanks to SUMAS, I got to work in collaboration with a five-star resort hotel as part of my master’s CAPSTONE class. This collaboration has resulted in a job offer as a CSR manager. So not only did the master’s degree help me hone my skills in sustainability management, but it also helped me to get a job in the sector I was looking for right after I received my degree! For sure both this master and this job experience will be a huge asset for my career.