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Interview with Dipti Paryani

BBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2021

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Dipti Paryani, Hong Kong 

BBA in Sustainability Management, Class of 2021 

Community & Sustainability Manager, LOJEL 

What interested you most as a Bachelor student about studying at SUMAS in Switzerland?

Switzerland is home to many leaders in sustainability, whether that’s NGOs or private corporations. Being in close proximity to these entities opens the door to vast opportunities.

After completing your BBA in Sustainability Management, how would you sum up your core skills obtained on the course?

After completing the BBA, I have the ability to support the arguments for sustainability with concrete evidence, frameworks and case studies. I am able to see businesses in a more critical yet optimistic manner.

How do you apply knowledge learnt during the course to real life?

A key concept that I apply is a long-term mindset, which plays a role in many decisions, whether it’s looking at how to conduct HR to reduce employee turnover, or how to assure our production processes have minimal impact. Maintaining contact with professors is also key as this allows me to have some guidance on how to apply sustainability in the current context, as this industry is always evolving!

Do you feel your SUMAS degree contributed to your success in your current role?

I currently work as a Community & Sustainability Manager, at everyday luggage brand LOJEL. I believe that the degree made me stand out from other candidates and gave me an extra edge which LOJEL was looking for to start its sustainability journey.

What is one of your best memories from SUMAS?

I think one of the best memories was presenting to Moleskine - it was a great project that piqued my interest and gave me real insight into where I want to go with my career.

I have to also mention my time with the students by the lake in Gland! During the summer, the lakeside fills up with people from the town and we would bring food and drinks down and have the best time.