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Interview with Bülent Uğurlu

Online CAS in Sustainability Management, Class of 2022

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Bülent Uğurlu, Turkey

Online CAS in Sustainability Management, Class of 2022

Senior HSE-Q Manager, Organik Kimya

What interested you most about studying at SUMAS?

The international, multicultural learning environment was crucial to enhance my communication skills and SUMAS was the
first university to offer programs in Sustainability Management.

After completing your CAS in Sustainability Management, how would you sum up your core skills obtained on the course?

I acquired a strategic point of view to know how to create a sustainability perspective in my company and promote the sustainability culture at our Istanbul, Rotterdam and Balerna facilities.

How do you feel your SUMAS degree can contribute to your career development?

It was very important to differentiate myself and acquire a unique education that will serve me well in the future. I believe these studies will allow me to create a unique career that is very much required in the job market as director or
at such levels.