From strategic sustainability thinking to healthy eating, this list will keep you engaged on the topic of Sustainability for the upcoming months.

Finding the perfect podcast is not easy. We have all been there, scrolling down countless lists, not sure which one the right one for us, trying a few only to realize it is was what we were looking for.

It gets even more complicated when we look for something specific like sustainability.

To help you out, here is a list of some of the best podcasts that tackle the topic of sustainability from all angles.

Whether during your commute to work/school, when you are working out or when you just want to sit back and relax, these podcasts will teach, inspire and entertain you:

1. The Sustainability Agenda

For those who prefer more broad, strategic sustainability discussions, The Sustainability Agenda brings together industry leaders to talk about today’s biggest sustainability challenges and thinking. The latest episode, an interview with Georg Kell founder and former Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, is a fascinating insight into the history, challenges and success of one of the most influential initiatives which aim to bring together and standardize corporate sustainability practices.

2. The Sustainable Jungle

The Sustainable Jungle is a globetrotting podcast where the hosts travel the world to find sustainability influencers making a difference in their specific fields. From mead producers who buy organic honey from regenerative bee farms to CEO’s whose mission is to incorporate sustainable practices into fashion, this podcast has something for everyone.

3. Sustainability Defined

With each episode detailing a single sustainability concept in depth, Sustainability Defined is as much insightful as it is funny. Topics vary from supply chain, corporate social responsibility, marketing sustainability, green finance etc. and each episode features at least one industry leader. This is a podcast aimed at students studying sustainability and professionals who are interested in industry best practices.

4. Eco Chat

Eco Chat is hosted by Laura Trotta, an environmental engineer whose fun and inspiring home improvements ideas always hit the mark. With topics such as “Five simple ways to reduce plastic waste in the bathroom” and “Reducing the environmental impact of your wardrobe”, Laura will not seize to amaze you with some easy tips and tricks on how to uplift your life in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

5. Sustainable Dish

The Sustainable Dish is a lighthearted podcast that focuses on healthy nutrition, farming and eco-living. Episodes tackles as sustainable farming, animal land stewardship as well as lifestyle topics such as healthy eating. The website also provides some delicious recipes for those of us who want to eat healthy with minimum waste.

6. Green Dreamer

This inspirational podcast will leave you wanting more after each episode. Green Dreamer is a podcast tailored for those who want to make a difference now. It tackles several sustainability topics aiming at wellness, waste as well as on how we communicate sustainability.

Bonus podcast:

HBR IdeaCast

IdeaCast is one of the most popular podcasts, with topics varying from leadership insights to cybersecurity. It is not short however on sustainability-related casts, with the most recent one from Dominic Barton, global managing partner of McKinsey&Company, where he discusses the company’s sustainability efforts. He discusses the learnings and the failings and why companies need to do more to incorporate sustainability into their business model.

Happy Listening!

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