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Doi Tung has established a model to own the whole value chain from production to sales and to sell agricultural and traditional handicraft products by adding value to them, instead of simply putting them on the market.
Her Royal Highness the Princess Mother Srinagrindara, the late Princess Mother of Thailand is the founder of the Doi Tung Development Project.

Doi Tung Development Project is the largest social enterprise in Thailand. Doi Tung generates profit by its five core businesses consisting of handcrafted products, food products, café, agriculture, and tourism.

The Foundation continues to develop based on the methodologies and concepts in socio-economic and environmental aspects and encourages cultural activities in order to elevate the quality of life of the people.
Villagers can earn legitimate incomes, and find ways that allow people to coexist with the surrounding forests.

In recent years, Doi Tung has been facing the challenges of fast fashion and higher competitive rivalry in the market. The customers have more choices and some of Doi Tung customers switch to other brands.

SUMAS students worked on promoting Doi Tung’s latest Nature-to-wear collection and introducing it to the European market:

1. Analyzed and characterized the natural-dyed textile market in Asia and Europe.
2. Provided a recommendation for eco-friendly products like Nature-to-wear collection (including pricing strategy, communication strategy, etc.) for Doi Tung to enter the
untapped opportunities.
3. Defined how to communicate the advantages of Nature-to-wear collection to the customers and leverage it to build a strong sustainable brand.

SUMAS students during their Thailand Experiential Camp in 2019

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