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Laura Ravanetti Steinkeller


Laura Ravanetti

Laura Ravanetti Steinkeller


Laura Ravanetti Steinkeller is a reputed professor at SUMAS and teaches Executive Leadership and Wellbeing and Healthy Lifestyles. Her work focuses on deepening the psychosocial model to design change intervention and promote optimal health and wellbeing with particular focus on the workplace and within organizations and systems.

Students study health behavioral theories and their application to individual wellbeing and its effect on health, lifestyle, and longevity. They explore and apply the different elements of sustainable leadership, to develop a cohesive competencies framework where long-term organizational challenges and stakeholder benefits are addressed while also positively impacting people, the environment and society.

With a background in both Economics and Psychology, Laura has 15 years of extensive corporate experience across global companies, where she has successfully built a vision targeting key factors for founding organizations, people and talent. Intensive human behavioral studies then led her to the integration of professional coaching competences and advanced methodologies for concrete individual and team development.

In her current role as a Professor and Coach, she supports the development of individuals and groups in a variety of organizations, such as institutions, private companies, and the academic world. In almost all these interactions, sustainability appears as the common thread for journeys towards personal and professional wellbeing and leadership in business.

  • M.A. in Economics and Management, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  • Master Certified Coach (MCC)TM
  • Leadership, Careers, Relational and Management Skills
  • Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence
  • Board and Team Dynamics and Agile Team Facilitation
  • Sustainability in professional contexts


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