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Europe is one of the world’s most exciting continents to study in. Many European countries offer excellent opportunities for living, traveling, and working. For students, Europe can be a very attractive destination, thanks to its well-deserved reputation as a hub of academic excellence. Here are our top ten reasons to consider studying in Europe: 

  1. Diversity of Institutions

With 50 countries spread across its land mass, Europe offers a whole host of academia choices, and almost all European countries welcome international students. SUMAS is proud to be the first university to offer BBA and MBA programs in Sustainability Management, with campuses in both Italy and Switzerland. In a recent study by, Germany, UK, Switzerland, and Italy were listed as some the most attractive destinations for international students to study in. 

  1. Global Reputation For Academic Excellence

Universities in Europe are very serious about the quality of education they offer, and boast some of the strongest education systems in the entire world. SUMAS is no different. Our programs are catered to the ever evolving world. We are globally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), and are also affiliated with international institutions including the United Nations Global Compact. 

  1. Quality Of Education & Life

The quality of your education should be a top priority, and as mentioned Europe is seen as a hub of academia excellence from across the globe. But Academics is not the only reason you should move abroad. Europe is celebrated for its diverse cultures and lifestyles. For example, our campus in Milan, offers you access to world ranking museums, exciting social scenes and diverse cultural experiences.

  1. Rich Culture and Compelling History

Europe’s rich history has certainly made its mark on the world. A number of ideas, theories, and concepts were also explored and some cemented in Europe – not only in academia but also in other fields such as politics, philosophy, economics, and more. Many European cities are iconic for their world-class architecture and rich history that makes studying in these places a magical learning experience in and of itself.


  1. A Focus on the Future 

Europe is keeping its eyes on the future. It’s universities offer their students state-of-the-art technology, and modern facilities to ensure they are building the leaders of tomorrow.  At SUMAS we believe tomorrow will be shaped by sustainable practices and we are committed to preparing our future leaders with sustainable tools. Switzerland and Italy are celebrated for their sustainable visions. Italy is the first country to incorporate climate change and sustainable development into its national curriculum, devoting an hour a week to discussing climate change issues. Switzerland is also increasingly known for its stance on sustainable development and preserving the environment, and is seen as a world leader in recycling and waste management.

  1. Career Opportunities

International experience has become more and more important in recent years. Large and small companies alike look for employees who have left their “comfort zone”, including studying or living abroad. Many institutions will help international students find internships and employment opportunities. At SUMAS we offer internship opportunities through our programs. We are also committed to building a strong sustainability network that will help you find a career suited to your area of expertise. 


  1. Travel

Europe offers a ton of opportunities to travel, even for budget travellers. A student visa issued by many European countries (with some exceptions) allows you to visit other countries within the Schengen area. 

  1. Excellent Career Preparation

European degrees are respected by employers the world over. Studying in Europe does not just provide you with a world-class education but also prepares you for a global career. In addition, many multinational companies have a presence in important European cities (London, Paris,Milan, etc). Thus, international students who study in Europe have access to a wide range of graduate jobs and career openings.  At SUMAS we use these connections to our advantage, offering our students intimate classes and webinars that are guest lectured by some of the world’s leading experts.

9&10. You can study in English and learn another language

In most European countries, the proficiency in English is generally very high, with thousands of courses and degrees being taught in English. Choosing to study in a new country means you can adapt quickly and learn to communicate in a whole new language. That means even while you’re studying in English you’ll have the opportunity to take on a new language. 


Europe is a haven for endless possibilities and choices, offering quality, world-class education, state-of-the-art facilities and multiple opportunities for personal learning and development. Choosing to study in Europe could be one of the best decisions of your professional career especially considering that European universities are among the best in the world.

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