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SUMAS is proud to announce its partnership with the International Baccalaureate, becoming the newest CRS Strategic Provider for SUMAS Career-related Studies® Business & Sustainability. The business school is the first CRS Strategic Provider to offer courses focused on the integration of sustainability into business and leadership. Recognition at this level qualifies our course as a “program identified as offering the potential to be implemented by a wide range of CP schools”.

A global network of IBCP partner schools

Launched in 2016 and piloted with Collège du Léman, an international boarding and day school based in Geneva, Switzerland, SUMAS CrS® Business & Sustainability has now grown to deliver its programs on-campus and online to partner schools based all over the world. In these two formats, the program can be easily integrated into various teaching environments to ensure successful delivery according to the individual school’s needs.

Bridging the gap between academics and action

The course challenges students to think about the notion of sustainability and the achievement of a balance between economic progress, ecological equilibrium, and social equity.” Wilma Shen, IBCP Coordinator at Renaissance College – Hong Kong

SUMAS CrS® Business & Sustainability combines core and cutting-edge theories of sustainable business with project-based learning to encourage students to see that lasting impact is only possible with action, underpinned by profound knowledge and understanding. Over two years, students will gain a solid understanding of sustainability in relation to business and leadership, demonstrating their learning with real-life projects in the field of Nature Conservation, Sustainable Fashion or Sustainable Hospitality, within the framework of the program’s Integrative Project Experience.

Connecting students to international enterprise

The IBCP offers high school students an alternative program in their final two years of school study, allowing them to focus on career-related subjects and knowledge application to prepare for successful engagement with the working world. Sustainable business practice demands responsible leadership practice and SUMAS CrS® connects its students to global executives and company projects, which give them the exposure and hands-on experience to lead from, and consequently by, example.

“The practical application is what sets it apart, giving our students real life business experience in the Shangri-La Hotel was an unforgettable experience.” Lisa McSweeney, IBCP Program Coordinator at Prem School, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Students at Prem Tinsulanonda International School engaged in presentations and discussions with executive teams at the Shangri-La Hotel to learn about waste management, green procurement, community outreach, wellness and sustainable safety in the hospitality sector.

Read our full interview with Lisa McSweeney.

Is SUMAS Career-related Studies® the right program for my school?

The intention of SUMAS CrS® is twofold: to provide its partner IB schools with an innovative CRS program and to increase awareness and application of sustainable practice to enterprise by the world’s future responsible leaders. Though we encourage prospective students to have an interest in business, environmental protection or social inclusion, we believe that interest in any area of business, looking forward, will demand contact with and consideration of social and environmental issues, as well as economic prospect.

SUMAS CrS® can also help to develop your school’s own sustainability policy with student-led initiatives inspired and supported by the program’s content and the SUMAS ECO-club. As a partner school, your CrS® students will get automatic access to the SUMAS ECO-Club, connecting them to our international network of CrS® partner schools and regular eco-orientated activities. A highlight is the ECO-Club competition, a sustainability entrepreneurship challenge where participating students develop a project to win investment into a green fund of their choice.

To learn more about SUMAS Career-related Studies® Business & Sustainability, download our brochure or contact our CRS Schools’ Coordinator at

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