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Sustainability Management School was featured in Vogue magazine in the April edition.

Why did Vogue decide to have a white cover page?
Ferdinando Verderi – creative director of Vogue Italy – explains that a blank page “says” more than any other image.
He wants to spread a message of universal strength, purity, respect, and hope.
These are the same values at the core of SUMAS mission.
It connects with the article of Elisa Pervinca Bellini where she appreciates this fundamental message through the lens of sustainability.

“Ripensare Il Pianeta”. – “Rethinking The Planet”.

These are the words of Elisa Pervinca Bellini – sustainability and podcast editor for Vogue – she provokes and motivates the readers to start taking responsibility for their actions and look forward to a “greener” future.

The urge of “rethinking” the way business is done is becoming more and more impelling, especially at the time of Covid-19.

She describes the lockdown as a “forced pause”, an imposed break.
At this moment, we have the time to embrace a deeper reflection over the effects of our actions. This is the opportunity to invest in education and self-development.
Elisa Bellini featured SUMAS in her article on Vogue as one of her top picks when it comes to
sustainable education.

SUMAS, the leading sustainable management school in Switzerland, is now offering a program in Sustainable Fashion Management, for both BBA and MBA.

SUMAS has two international state-of-art campuses, in Italy and Switzerland.
Future students have also the possibility to pursue their master's degree online.

The master program in Sustainable Fashion Management is divided into nine modules and five fundamental courses, aiming to train the new generation of managers in taking responsible decisions in the real world.

This program can be carried out over a period of time that varies from 18 months to three years based on the student’s availability.
SUMAS offers four intakes per year: April, July, October, and January.

After the completion of their studies at SUMAS, students are encouraged to further develop their competences by integrating work experience in organizational settings at international levels as a conclusion of their learning journey at the school.

SUMAS firmly believes in the importance of learning experiences, this is why the school offers
yearly “experiential camps”.

They allow students to practically feel, live, and work with sustainability.

In the last years, SUMAS students and staff have visited, experienced, and gained know-how about the rare ecosystems and sustainability approaches of Iceland, Bhutan and Costa Rica.
This year, the focus was on Thailand.

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