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375 million people need to be upskilled by 2025. That’s 375 million people to upskill in just three years. Position this with the stark fact that demand for green skills and talent is soon to outweigh supply, and the solution is clear: start building the sustainability skillset from within.

About our Corporate Training Programs

SUMAS Corporate Training Programs are short, intensive courses designed to upskill your workers in sustainability management. Six programs are currently available to address key areas in sustainability for businesses:

Corporate Training Programs in Sustainability

Each program has a suggested target department(s), but with the “growing trend of green skills among professionals in roles that are not traditionally considered “green”, our programs can be relevant to any employee of your company.

Duration ranges from one day to three days, depending on the program selected, and participants will complete the training with our experts either on one of our campuses in Gland, Switzerland or Milan, Italy, online or at a company location.

Programs can be delivered in four languages – English, French, Italian and German, Each program is structured in modules and participants will be presented with a certificate upon completion.

Is it important to upskill my workers in sustainability?

In short, yes. It’s not just important, it’s essential. An article from Forbes stated that “the effective management and measurement of sustainability issues should be woven throughout business leadership, from supply chain management to marketing. All employees need to have a comprehensive understanding of the sustainability issues facing their business and the subsequent impact on stakeholders.” Yet though this is the expectation, a report published by HSBC outlines the reality: “a lack of engagement (36%), expertise (32%) or accountability (30%) were all cited as potential barriers that could disrupt businesses’ efforts to be more sustainable.”

Our Corporate Training Programs help to first bridge that initial knowledge gap. In turn, this helps to increase employee engagement, building confidence and curiosity with newly acquired skills. Assigning accountability works best when your employees feel that you are setting them up for success; providing them with a program which helps them to achieve this, along with a clear definition of its goals, will reinforce their confidence, their trust in you and ultimately, improve their performance.

In addition, the sustainability status of a company is now playing a vital role in both the retention of existing and the attraction of new talent. According to a survey from eco-application Pawprint, “30% of millennials would consider changing jobs if their current employer was not doing enough for sustainability” and “overall, 59% of employees say it is important or very important that their employer has a strategy to tackle climate change.”

Time to future-proof your workforce

Once a nice-to-have, sustainability is now imperative for business survival and your employees need to be clued-up. Between 2020 and 2021, Skillsoft Percipio reported a 73% increase in organizations accessing green content. For individual learners, this shot up to 237%. Concerning executive education courses, according to the Financial Times “interest in sustainability rose from 23 per cent when CLOs (Chief Learning Officers) were surveyed in 2021 to 31 per cent this year, ahead of wellbeing and resilience.” Our Corporate Training Programs are designed to help you effectively and efficiently power your company’s sustainability journey by improving the knowledge and application of sustainability amongst your current employees. To find out more, click here.

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SUMAS Milan Campus Open Day Address: Via Tortona 56, Milan
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