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With sustainability becoming more and more relevant each and every day, Milan as the fashion capital is taking steps towards creating a more sustainable fashion industry. This week the city hosted an event called WHITE Milano displaying international womenswear brands in the Tortona fashion district. Amongst the 550 brands that took part were some unique gems making sustainability their priority with their innovative ideas designed with minimal harm on our environment and planet. With sustainability as one of my own values, I have collected 4 sustainable brands in this blog post that I hope will inspire you and your consumer habits to shift towards a more sustainable direction.

KLEED-Nature Inspired Loungewear

Founded by Portuguese Carolina Guedes Cruz with a passion for fashion and wildlife conservation in Africa, KLEED is an ambitious young brand on their journey towards becoming 100% sustainable. KLEED have high standards and care about the effects their actions have environmentally, socially and economically. Their collection includes mainly kimonos, pyjamas, dresses and kaftans produced in India partnering with local artisans promoting fair trade. Visit the KLEED website for more sustainable inspiration:

MIDORJ-by Camilla Andreani

Handmade jewellery made in Italy using bronze, resin and special electric and electronic waste creating totally customisable unique pieces of art. The word MIDORJ is Japanese for green and the brand aims to flow with the sustainable development by “creating a virtuous project of circular economy”.

WRAD-“WRAD is not a brand, it’s our call to action”

WRAD started as a non-profit educational movement raising awareness of the harmful effects that the fashion industry has on our planet and has now developed sustainable fashion alternatives, still holding tight to their original aim of spreading the difficult situation our planet is in and taking responsibility for the fashion industry to change for better. WRAD has many cool concepts they apply to the production of their garments using recycled graphite, natural beeswax and hemp to name a few. On their website you can see where they get their materials and ideas from and read an explanation for why they continue with this sustainability approach which is much more challenging and time-consuming but better for you, me, our planet and future generations, so 100% worth it.


A sustainable shoe brand with an innovative idea of deconstructing shoes into two main parts, the sole and the skin, linked together by a zipper. One sole is compatible with 100+ skins allowing personal expression through your shoes while saving the environment one pair of soles produced less at a time. ACBC uses sustainable materials such as PET Leather (recycled plastic), Pineapple Leather, Wine Leather, Eucalyptus Fiber and Corn Leather. If the amount of CO2 produced in the production of a normal show is 13,6kg and the number of shoes thrown away each year is a head spinning 300 million, imagine what kind of an environmental impact you can make with switching to one sole and sustainably made skins…really makes you think of the footprint you are leaving behind to the future generations.

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