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Tourism Opportunities After a Global Crisis

Dr. Zaida Rodrigo is a Professor at SUMAS with over 17 years’ experience in Higher Education, lecturing and researching at an International level. In her career, Zaida held various academic leadership and senior research positions at reputable Universities and Business Schools in Europe. As an accomplished researcher, Zaida has published in citation index journals and has been in review panels for tourism related conferences. Zaida holds a PhD in Destination Branding from Cardiff Metropolitan University; she is a Chartered Marketer and completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at Birmingham University. She also holds a BA (hons) in Tourism Business Management by the University of Birmingham. Besides her work in lecturing, Zaida discovered her entrepreneurial skills in 2016 when she launched International Nanny ltd, a premium and ethical nanny agency. At the beginning of 2020, she also developed and launched the International Nanny Academy.

The coronavirus crisis has affected many businesses, and in an unprecedented way, it has threatened the tourism industry in a global manner. According to the UNWTO the pandemic could decline by 60-80%. Tourism has been severely and millions of jobs are at risk. However, this crisis brings us the opportunity to think if we really want to go back other the old business model of tourism and allows for reinventing ourselves, shifting towards a more sustainable approach to tourism.

Date: May 22nd, 2020
Time: 3PM – 4PM CEST

Join us for a discussion on the new route for a stronger and more sustainable tourism. To rebound from the current and critical situation, we propose a tourism route with 5 phases, starting with a crisis and ending with a stronger tourism model that is robust and more sustainable.

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