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Last year the world took a drastic turn through COVID-19, and with that businesses, and studies moved online. While we are excited to welcome back our on-campus students, we would like to shine a spotlight on our online programs for those who cannot travel at this point, and for those whose careers don’t offer them the opportunity to study on-campus. Here are the benefits of SUMAS online programs.

Through our online programs, you will gain a degree that addresses sustainability challenges that face leaders in today’s complex work environments. Our programs ensure the highest quality of education with a unique competitive edge in Sustainability Management to ensure your future success as a leader.

Here’s everything you need to know about our online programs:

What can you study?: 

We offer online graduate programs (Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Management, Certificate of Advanced Studies) in Sustainability Management, Sustainable Tourism Management, Sustainable Fashion Management, and Sustainable Hospitality Management, as well as a Doctorate of Business Administration in Sustainability Management. 

When do online courses start?

We offer starting dates in January, April, July, and October. The deadline for April on-line applications is February 28, 2021.

How long is the course?

Our  Master’s programs are 18 months long, broken down into 6 terms, which allows you to be completely flexible with your schedule. We are aware that balancing a career whilst trying to complete your degree comes with its own set of challenges that often deter one from studying. This is why SUMAS has allowed for the program you choose to be tailored to your schedule so it does not conflict with your work life, and allows you to find a healthy balance. You can decide how many of the available modules to take each term and can even skip a term if you desire. All modules must be completed before advancing onto the final term, and all terms must be completed within 3 years of enrollment. This program is adapted to the busy schedules of professionals.

How do the courses work & what do they entail?

Readings and assignments are given out on Monday for the week and for students who travel, it is possible to download any SUMAS material needed for the online course.

Practice-oriented projects will be guided by academics and professionals. These projects are part of SUMAS’ innovative teaching methodology, which includes invitations to video conferences with guest speakers in leading organizations and company presentations. These activities not only encourage knowledge sharing but also provide valuable opportunities for networking to enhance your career development.

You will be invited to partake in the same guest lectures and networking opportunities as the on-campus students. which means you are offered the same opportunities to network with our guest speakers and professors.

Designed for all professionals in corporations, nonprofits, and governmental agencies demanding sustainability knowledge and practice, our online programs allow you to learn innovative solutions to help navigate complex work environments.

Apply now

Our online programs are an opportunity for you to advance in your career and to develop new skills related to sustainability for your future career. If you would like to learn more about SUMAS Online programs please email us at or apply now.

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