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sumas webinar series

April 26th 2022

5.00 PM CET

Masterclass: Sustainable Fashion Management

with Professor Laurent Maeder

Textile is one of the biggest industries in the world and it concerns everybody as we all wear clothes every day. Over the past 20 years, the world’s textile production has doubled, with no sign of slowing down. Resources are limited and textile can play an important role in the ecological transition, but only if we rethink the system. From design to end of life, going from cradle to grave to cradle to cradle, this webinar will be a masterclass on sustainable fashion management, sharing an overview on the status and solutions of the textile industry. 

Key content points:

  • Why must the textile industry take action?
  • Planetary boundaries, microplastics, linear economy limits, externalization
  • Circular economy action plan: the systemic approach
  • Facilitating a circular economy: digitalization and transparency
  • From waste management to resource management
  • Cradle-to-cradle


  • Does having production facilities in developing countries make it more complicated to push for transparency in the supply chain?
  • Most of the technologies used are IP protected. How does this impact making the fashion sector more sustainable? What can be done to make these technologies more widely available?
  • Why is it in fact the consumer that pays the price for sustainability?
  • Can you tell us more about projects that you have developed so far with fashion companies?
  • What is the effect of globalization on achieving a circular economy?
  • Changing consumers’ mindset is a big challenge: what are your suggestions and who holds the main responsibility?
  • How can greenwashing be stopped? How can consumers differentiate between this and true environmental initiatives?
  • Is regulation the best tool to drive better practice forward?
  • Blended materials in fashion: what is the issue?
  • What is the difference between bioloop and technoloop?
  • What fashion collaborations has SUMAS developed with fashion companies?
  • What can you expect when you graduate with a degree in sustainability management?

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