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sumas webinar series

May 5th 2022

1.00 PM CET

MBA vs. Master (MAM): how to pick the perfect program for your career

In conversation with SUMAS graduate alumni

Stuck on deciding between an MBA and Master (MAM)? This webinar will seek to help you understand the difference between both programs, drawing upon the experience of SUMAS graduate alumni to share with you how their degrees have supported their careers. 



  • How do networking opportunities differ between the online and on-campus programs? 
  • Do the specific campus locations and environments make a difference to your study experience?  
  • Do you choose on-campus or online for hybrid programs in the online application form? 
  • Is the company for the Capstone project chosen by the student or provided by SUMAS? 
  • Are the companies and projects chosen local to campuses or can they be based anywhere? 
  • What is the average number of students per class and cohort and average age of students for the Master and MBA programs? 
  • How much time commitment weekly are both programs? 
  • Can you do the MBA part-time on-campus? 
  • Do you have scholarships available for on-campus programs? 
  • Is an MBA a higher qualification than a Master? 
  • Do you need background knowledge on business and management for the MBA? 

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