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sumas webinar series

Rating for sustainability

December 14th 2021, 2.00pm CET, United Arab Emirates 5.00pm, Hong Kong 9.00pm 

SUMAS Professor and DBA Academic Coordinator speaks about ‘Rating for sustainability’ as part of the SUMAS webinar series. This topic forms part of a current SUMAS Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) student’s investigations into finding a more coherent and streamlined ratings system for sustainable business practice.  


Key content points 

  • Sustainability Impact Assessments: the current landscape of standards 
  • Examining environmental impact, risk, entrepreneurship and governance and biodiversity as assessment criteria 
  • Using finance ratings (CRAs) for inspiration 
  • A proposed rating system 



  • Which is the most challenging aspect of this system?
  • How can you quantify the growth or deterioration of the index from year to year? 
  • Is planting commercial trees to replace forest trees deemed sustainable? 
  • What implications would you expect for an organization which receives a low index score? 

View the full webinar below

The presentation is followed by an introduction to SUMAS’ programs, campuses and career services. 

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