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Sustainability is essential to our ability to survive as a species. As more concern grows for the state of the planet and more evidence is released at the urgency with which we need to act to avert more environmental and social crises, sustainability is becoming more central to the way we live, work, and do business. Here are three reasons why you should choose a career in sustainability

You will make a difference 

There’s no doubt that by choosing a career in sustainability, you will be able to contribute to positive change. You will be part of the growing solutions to make our world a better place by making companies more sustainable and will contribute to the preservation of precious resources for the benefit of all life on the planet. The more people pursue a career in sustainability, the better we can tackle our ecological crises. 

You will love your Job 

A career in sustainability can provide a great deal of emotional, psychological, and financial satisfaction. It is incredibly rewarding to be a part of social and environmental progress and to witness how your job is having a direct positive impact on the way the world works.  

You can enter any Industry

A career in sustainability is no longer isolated to being a sustainability consultant, or similar. As the job market expands and more companies adopt sustainability practices, individuals who have studied a sustainability degree are becoming highly sought after in every single industry. From fashion to tourism, to tech, to food and beverage, you will be able to enter the industry you are most passionate about. 

Preparing for a Career in Sustainability 

SUMAS is the first university to offer BBA & MBA programs in Sustainability Management.  SUMAS can prepare you for your career in sustainability at our campuses in Switzerland or Milan, or Online. Not only does SUMAS offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs, but SUMAS also offers individualized career counseling, as well as Career-related Studies® for high school students who are interested in responsible management applicable in different fields.

Sustainability is the Future 

The need to be more sustainable is becoming more in demand by consumers and businesses alike. The state of our environment and social systems, and the arrival of Covid-19 have made more and more people aware of the need for humanity to change course. In the future, it is likely that no company will be able to continue without a committed and authentic focus on sustainability. Sustainability isn’t going anywhere. In fact, its presence will only grow – and with it a great demand for sustainability experts.

Upcoming Events
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February 3, 2023

Webinar – SUMAS Online Master & MBA programs, everything you need to know!

Join us for an in-depth overview of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings and the EU Taxonomy on sustainable activities. Learn how these tools are used by investors and other…
EventsUpcoming EventsWebinars
June 11, 2024

SUMAS Alumni Series: Producing Green, Sustainable fertilizer for the agricultural sector – June 28th 2024

Join us for this unique webinar, where we will delve into the fascinating world of sustainability, green buildings, and the unparalleled experience of studying at the Greenest Campus in Europe…
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