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sumas webinar series

February 17th 2022

1.00 PM CET

Sustainable Tourism, Hospitality Development and Careers

with SUMAS Professor Eduardo Flores

SUMAS Professor, Eduardo Flores, speaks about ‘Sustainable Tourism, Hospitality Development and Careers’ as part of SUMAS webinar series.

Key content points:

  • Defining the tourism industry
  • Core challenges: tourism as a threat
  • Tourism as an opportunity
  • Diversity in the industry
  • Stakeholder interests and agendas
  • SUMAS student project: Improving Sustainability Practices and Sustainability Communications at the Mandarin Oriental Geneva


  • Which field of sustainability is good to enter if you have never worked in the tourism industry?
  • How do you think the new EU CSR directive will impact the tourism industry? Will it accelerate solutions?
  • What type of experience is needed to become a sustainability consultant in the hospitality industry?
  • Are there any particular standards for sustainable tourism to follow?
  • What are the concrete opportunities in the field of sustainability for people with experience in tourism but without a technical background?
  • How do you introduce sustainable practices in the workplace and inspire your employees to adopt these?
  • How can you advise on obtaining experience in sustainability to obtain a management role when roles and opportunity are somewhat limited?
  • Do you see sustainable tourism and hospitality as a way to develop a market?
  • How do you make sustainability certification cost-effective for everyone to achieve?

Watch the full webinar

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