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sumas webinar series

NGOs and International Organizations leading the way on Sustainable Development

with Professor Julia Koroleva

December 14th 2021, 7.00pm CET, New York 1.00pm, Vancouver 10.00am, Brasilia 2.00pm 

SUMAS Professor Julia Koroleva, speaks about ‘NGOs and International Organizations leading the way on Sustainable Development’ as part of the SUMAS webinar series.  


Key content points 

  • Sustainability: what did we do until today? 
  • NGOs and the UN: Global environmental policy 
  • Businesses leading the way on SDGs: the business compass 
  • Individual responsibility to achieve SDGs: Good Life Goals and SHIFT 



  • How do you define sustainability leadership?
  • Is it different to general leadership? 
  • Who is really leading the way on sustainable development? 
  • Project or initiative dependent, which method does SUMAS focus on eg. Circular economy, nature-based solutions, SDGs? 

View the full webinar below

The presentation is followed by an introduction to SUMAS’ programs, campuses and career services.

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